Universal Face Theory: A Theory of Happiness by Susheel Kamotra presents a unique and innovative concept that can help individuals and communities understand why they exist, and be imbued with the drive to create laws, a way of life, and an environment that favors the happiness of each of its members. Here is a book that draws inspiration from traditional wisdom, science, religion, and faith to offer readers answers to the not-so-often asked question: “Who am I?” In this book, the author contends that the path to personal happiness lies in the understanding of who we are, and this is intrinsically linked to where we come from, and the author offers insights and tools that allow individuals to attain self-realization, develop a keener self-awareness, and take control of their happiness. 

This is a work of great depth and the author combines knowledge from Eastern philosophy and Western thought with science to deal with crucial issues affecting contemporary civilization, touching on modern economics, spirituality, and culture. Most interesting is how Susheel Kamotra explores the power of now, unveiling secrets that will help readers gain empowerment and connect with what makes them come alive. Readers will be enthused by the author’s style, and although this book is about a very complex idea, the writing is highly accessible and it flows with confidence, a sign that the author has done their homework thoroughly. The book is written in a conversational, popular style that brings in the author’s personal experiences, enlightening stories, and wisdom garnered over the ages. Universal Face Theory: A Theory of Happiness is a book that will change the way we look at ourselves and the way we relate to the universe and with others. It is a groundbreaking work that teaches everything one needs to attain happiness and inner freedom. Highly recommended! 

Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Reader's Favorite
What is the secret to happiness and freedom? The question of happiness is one that has plagued humankind since the dawn of time, one that has been articulated in philosophies, religions, and politics. In Universal Face Theory: A Theory of Happiness, Susheel Kamotra presents a new idea of happiness, a novel concept that will undoubtedly change the way most readers view happiness. The author shows great mastery of new age teachings, science, philosophy, and religion, and pulls out striking elements from both longstanding philosophical and religious movements and new age principles on happiness to offer readers a powerful lesson. Readers will learn to look at who they are with honesty, get the tools to master self-consciousness and self-realization, and learn how to use the power of the “now” to create a life of happiness. 

Universal Face Theory: A Theory of Happiness is a book with meaningful lessons for readers who want to experience real freedom and happiness, and for those who want to positively impact the lives of others. The book unveils the secret ingredient we all have, the secret to happiness. Susheel Kamotra comes across as an authority in this field and writes with the confidence that derives from mastery and from experience. The book is packed with wisdom and insightful passages. I enjoyed the references to old religions, to Western thought, and to psychology. Here is a book that is written with utter simplicity and that has the ability to transform the lives of individuals and communities. I found it to be relevant, well-articulated and researched; a book with a timely message for humankind.
Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite
Universal Face Theory: A Theory of Happiness by Susheel Kamotra is a pioneering work in the area of personal development, personal growth, and the quest for happiness, a book that introduces readers to a very fresh perspective on happiness, exploring teachings contained in ancient scriptures, including Buddhism and other world religions, the Science of the Chakras, and the art of consciousness. Here is a book that combines philosophical and spiritual principles to create a powerful formula that allows readers to enhance their level of happiness. I enjoyed the way the author looks at God, and how he speaks about the power of the present, something that escapes the human consciousness quite often. 

Universal Face Theory: A Theory of Happiness is a book for readers who want to harness the science of happiness and who are desirous of creating a positive impact on the lives of others. The book is written in a very simple style and the author integrates tools that allow readers to easily grasp the concepts in the book and implement them. The simplicity of writing and the accompanying authority can only result from the author's mastery of the subject. This is a book that should read like a huge happiness project for many readers, and no matter one's creed or philosophy, there is something in this book for everyone. There is no doubt that the author has invested a lot of time and resources to research this book. Susheel Kamotra's book is, indeed, a blessing for men and women of this age, a book that will help readers redefine their idea of happiness and seek it in the right places and in the right way.
Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite
Obtaining a balanced place within the universe is the concept behind universal space theory. We discover that balance through greater consciousness and allowing nature to create a path through us, just as a river travels through areas of least resistance. Universal Face Theory is about breaking down the barriers of accepted traditional knowledge and allowing an amalgamation of the various attributes in nature and creation from various areas of study and religion to come together as one. Susheel Kamotra has created a guide which lays the foundation of renewed consciousness in Universal Face Theory: A Theory of Happiness. Laid out in ten independent modules, the book allows the reader to explore various knowledge points, which are enhanced by quotations from scientists, religious leaders and sacred texts. In addition, Susheel includes how the universal expression of “Jai Guru Dev” in all of the philosophical positions discussed and his I-Chart help pull it all together. 

Susheel Kamotra pulls together more than 5000 years of knowledge, religion and philosophy into a universal concept which helps you to accept and understand your place in the overall consciousness of the universe. Universal Face Theory is not for the faint of heart and is not something you can quickly skim over and walk away from. To fully appreciate this theory of happiness, you must continuously search your consciousness and open up pathways for creation to pass through you. Provocative, challenging, and backed by thousands of years of thought, Universal Face Theory is an accumulation of the greatest religious, philosophical and scientific knowledge of mankind.

Reviewed By Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite

Knowing the self has intrigued human beings eternally. Attainment of holy grail leads to pursue religion, spiritual, scientific and philosophical means. Self-realisation and self-actualisation is a blessed state. In this book, Susheel has come up with a novel concept of Universal face theory. Author has researched the topic very well and has revealed various means of self-realisation. The I- Chart concept makes interesting reading and maybe means of unraveling and integrating medical knowledge with different chakras of the body. Amalgamation of medical facts with universal face theory will be a step to attain the holy grail of self-realisation.

I am sure this innovative work of Susheel will bring a lot of peace, happiness & bliss to human beings.

Brig Narendra kotwal, VSM
MD( Med), DNB, MNAMS, M Phil, DM (Endocrinology)
Delhi, India

The search for happiness often ends within oneself! In the old story Lord Narayana wanting the get a break from his followers asks Narda where should he hide so that no one can find him. Narada tells him to go inside his devotee's heart as they will look for Him everywhere but inside their own heart. Similarly, our quest for enlightenment often starts with a simple question who am I but to get to the answer; there are so many roads a man travels to get to the answer.

In his book, Susheel has explored many angles each one trying not only to explain above but also share his own first-hand experience and influences which have been shaping his own thinking on above. Eventually leading to weaving a common thread in what he would like to define as "Universal Face Theory" as the pursuit of one's own self-discovery and happiness. To quote Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a question mark (?) when stretched becomes an exclamation mark (!), the wow we are all looking for. This book will provoke you to develop your own question marks prompting you to understand these connections and hopefully initiate you towards a journey to finding your own Wows !!

Vikram Gupta, Art of Living Teacher, Toronto, Canada.

As the saying goes in Cricket.... "catches win matches." Through his book, Susheel has proved beyond doubt how good still he is in catching; like he used to be as our college cricket team's successful captain in winning tournaments at PEC, Chandigarh. This time he has caught a much-wanted happiness idea from the outer space and crafted a blend out of his experiences in life. This will open new channels and opportunities for making the ordinary people aware of their understanding in pursuit towards self-realization and happiness. Whether we play the one-day match or life innings, the trophy, what our captain defines in his book as Chalice of Life, that Mother Nature has built in us remains with us at all times. This awareness by itself brings a lot of inner joy and happiness. Thus it does not matter whether we win or lose on our action path. Give your 100%. What a great idea! 
An increase in the happiness index to GDP inevitably makes a country great. I would recommend all to see the videos, the documentary film and read this book.

Gurdip S. Bakshi, Ph.D.
Dean's Professor of Finance, 
Department of Finance, Smith Business School, 
University of Maryland, USA.

Innovative, practical and as simple as it could be, after watching the videos!
Understanding self-realization, freedom and happiness is made easy with this book. 
Achieving self-realisation is a personal journey, and it has always been a challenge to many including teachers. The videos give clarity to many questions, and the integrated I-chart makes the understanding of connections in different religious philosophies, sciences, and project management simple. Susheel has covered quite diverse relevant topics from education to creating jobs and most importantly it is to spread awareness amongst the masses through the school system in young children to develop them into moral, conscious human beings. A great noble cause, that needs support of all educational institutions.

Prof. Dr. Suresh K Dhameja, Ph.D.,
Dean, Academics and International Affairs, 
Head, Department of Entrepreneurship Development and Industrial Coordination,
Head, Department of Information Management and Coordination 
National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR)
(Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India)