“Susheel Kamotra presents a unique, innovative, well-articulated, groundbreaking work that teaches everything one needs to attain happiness and inner freedom”…Readers’ Favorite. “TINANJALI, a song of life,” is an extended version, another book, in a musical art and dance form.


Illuminated with elements of her Consciousness in balance, Pari loves her presence as Infinite Being.

TINANJALI audio tracks include two original background score tracks celebrating the happy and sad moments in life. The main song is an excursion into different thoughts and feelings inherent in different ragas, but always coming home to joy and happiness. The song title Madhura Manohara is a contemporary interpretation of an original composition by Swami Shantanand Saraswathi from Temple of Fine Arts, and music composed by Jyotsna Prakash. In the crash of thunder, fire and the torrent of rain, can we find poetry in chaos and music in turmoil? Based on the structure of thilana remaining part of the main song physicalises the tremendous power of dance and music. Also included, original motivational score to find the changeless in the changing. “Toofano Ki Aur” is a song for everyone. It is adapted from a poem written by Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan Late Dr. Shiv Mangal Singh ‘Suman’ in 1964, and extended lyrics and song composition by Susheel Kamotra.


Entangled in the conditioned materialistic world, Pari yearns for the divine help. Her consciousness is enlightened by ancient wisdom and knowledge. Krishna Consciousness followed by Christ Consciousness, Buddha nature, Sufi mysticism and a modern day Avadhuta illuminates her. She understands the purpose of life in chalice, as a doer, as conscious Infinite Being.

Pari surrounded by elements of her consciousness

Krishna Consciousness enlightens Pari


There are good times in life, the happy moments and as well the bad times, the sorrows where change is the law of life. Thus in the sphere of change, through change, consume change. We find the changeless through the changing and manage our witnessing self. Here, Pari remembers her past as warrior princess who had got rid of her kingdom from the evil and she invokes her divine powers and seeks help from the universe to fight.

Pari in the battlefield with the evil

Pari seeks divine help and prepares for war


When the seven layers of consciousness surrounding our body are in balance, harmony, synergy and a flow; when we remain aware of our connection with the universe as Infinite Being and live in the presence, Now; And when know our purpose as of why we are here our job, calling are in alignment. In this blissful state, the time disappears. So the surrounding consciousness shrinks to singularity and outpours unconditional love, pure bliss.

Chakras Alignment and make Connection with Earth and Sun

Pari’s great grandmother helps in her Inner Healing