About Us

Universal Face Theory is a simple unified theory that mixes already established theories of science, philosophy, faith and religion, and explains our existence in a simple project management style.

Everything around us has a purpose, and this theory gives a clear understanding of the events around us, and of our existence.

The idea is a unique blend with the order of nature to cheer every moment of change on action path and to keep us grounded and spiritually connected to the universe and all others surrounding us in the circle of life.


The problematic contemporary path of self-realisation is made simple with the agile metaphor. "The Mezbahn Sphere of Life" connects us with "the tool we were born with".

Its understanding explains how we can have a singularity experience in balance during bliss, within the chalice of life, NOW, during which we can find our virginity and attain freedom, emotional release, pleasure, and happiness forever.


"Mezbahn Sphere of Life," a metaphor, is the evidence of a link between our five senses and our perceptions, emotions, and thoughts. It's a bridge towards the greater understanding of Duality and Non-Duality, and The Hard Problem of Consciousness. Its understanding and awareness binds the ancient wisdom, and hitherto knowledge in Science, Philosophy, Religion, and Faith. Musical seminar connects people to become aware of their life journey towards ultimate truth and the union of body, mind, soul which is the ultimate goal of Yoga. So it can't be simpler than "A.I.O."


"Tinanjali, a song of life," the book, a song album, and the film is an outcome of various discussions between a husband and wife who are on their own journeys to solve mysteries of being human.


Universal Face Theory: A Theory of Happiness by Susheel Kamotra presents a unique and innovative concept that can help individuals and communities understand why they exist, and be imbued with the drive to create laws, a way of life, and an environment that favors the happiness of each of its members.

Here is a book that draws inspiration from traditional wisdom, science, religion, and faith to offer readers answers to the not-so-often asked question: "Who am I?" In this book, the author contends that the path to personal happiness lies in the understanding of who we are, and this is intrinsically linked to where we come from, and the author offers insights and tools that allow individuals to attain self-realization, develop a keener self-awareness, and take control of their happiness.

This is a work of great depth and the author combines knowledge from Eastern philosophy and Western thought with science to deal with crucial issues affecting contemporary civilization, touching on modern economics, spirituality, and culture.