About Us

In his book "A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME", Stephen Hawkins posed a challenge to discover a complete theory to know the mind of God and purpose of our existence to explain why it is that the Universe and we exist. 

There have been many theories derived from the subject by many people coming from different sciences, philosophies, religions and faiths. While science is still working to discover the truth, others talk about the same aspects, in various ways. 

Science accepted four physical theories of existence revolving around four forces namely Gravity, Electromagnetism, Weak Nuclear Force and Strong Nuclear Force. The much talked about fifth element, the Consciousness, is the topic of discussions amongst the scientists and research scholars. Consciousness is also known as the intelligence or knowledge or awareness of the meaning and purpose of life. 

Finding the meaning and purpose of life is something that renders fulfilment and peace to any individual. If this concept is ingrained by parents into their children, during early years of life, it can go a long way to creating a meaningful life. 

As a parent, there are a lot of things that we need to convey to our kids so that they stay happy, contended and find a purpose in life. Telling them about birds, and bees are one aspect, but, developing them into 'self-realized human beings' at very young age is not an easy task. This is where Universal Face Theory comes into the picture.

The questions that arise are:
1) When and how do children become self-aware?
2) How can Universal Face Theory help you achieve the goal of instilling self-realization into a six year old child?
3) How do we test this theory?

Universal Face Theory is a simple unified theory that mixes already established theories of science, philosophy, faith and religion, and explains our existence in a simple project management style. Everything around us has a purpose, and this theory gives a clear understanding of the events around us, and of our existence.

The idea is a unique blend with the order of nature to cheer every moment of change on action path and to keep us grounded and spiritually connected to the universe and all others surrounding us in the circle of life.

What is the purpose of publishing face theory? 
The purpose of publishing face theory is to create a complete understanding of our existence in a broader sense to everyone present on earth, but the most importantly to a six-year-old child. This innovative concept, if planted in a child, at an early age, and nurtured with systematic educational development until the child achieves the age of thirteen, will train him/her to remain conscious in every moment of the surrounding environment. 

After that throughout their life, his/her mind is not influenced by any adverse energy. The universal face theory will equip children to be alive at every moment to take correct decisions, even in the most unfavourable condition.

With conscious awareness or self- conscious introspection in every moment, one can identify the ethical issues involved in one's actions and inactions whereby it brings a natural borderless order of development in the world, not necessarily measured by the economic parameters of that region. 

So, in other words, a self-realized person at the much early age of one's life; can stay contended; and free from stressful corrupt practices, violence, and hatred. 

Self- realisation can help someone gain a sense of life meaning. 

In project management terms, we are unaware of our scope as we are born. Our intellect grows with our age but still unaware of our scope which changes every moment with the influence of our stakeholders around us. We do not realise that the stakeholders are our parents, families, friends, relatives, neighbourhood and the country we live in that shapes our future. We are like in a natural obligatory social form of a contract with unknown scope and have to manage variations every moment in our life. 

Universal Face Theory, as unified theory helps breakaway the old notions of inherited conditioned web and shakes you with the new perspectives and understanding of life with examples of already accepted theories of science, ancient philosophies, symbols, art form, literature and metaphors.

As an output to its application, Universal Face Theory creates a peaceful road map for the world economies to reduce growing debt and achieve their long-term goals given increasing unrest due to geopolitical, racial and religion related tensions worldwide. 

In our world of over seven billion people, the human controlled managerial functions are under threat by growing automation of algorithms and artificial intelligence. Many existing jobs are starting to disappear and there is a greater need for the people to understand and prepare themselves for the competitive future job market scenario. Self-interest multiplied by awakened intellect and energy awareness shape the people to enhance their interests in energetic and creative ways. Here again, Universal Face Theory would help people remain evolved and united, as communities and this would bring a quantum shift in the human way of life. A theory that empowers individuals to understand themselves much faster to make appropriate choices for their happiness first and for the sake of happiness of their loved ones and society. 

Ancient scriptures talk about telepathy, teleportation, simultaneously living in multiple dimensions, of individual enlightened souls. Presently we think of self-realisation only after retirement when our body and mind are conditioned by the outer world. Early self-realisation would help humans explore hidden inner intelligence as they would have more time in hand to practice, discover and cherish the hidden treasures of the Universe within by maximizing the power of their neural network to achieve freedom and happiness in life. True happiness lies within simplicity of life. And self-realisation is to give freedom to the people.

This theory is a tribute to the great minds of our time and the living legends, philosophers, mentors, spiritual masters, gurus, teachers, politicians whose selfless works have inspired the author to embark this beautiful journey of finding the reasons as why he survived this day to make an attempt to this noble challenge. 

The implementation of Universal Face Theory will make people more ethical and contended, which will enhance productivity, growth, and happiness. It will also make people less corrupt. Thus we need to implement of this theory (Knowledge) amongst the masses especially young children as national/ global policy in the primary education system to eradicate corruption, balance resources to enhance productivity, and spread happiness all around the world with a human touch.