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TINANJALI is a song of life, in quest of happiness; based on Susheel Kamotra’s book Universal Face Theory narrates a journey in time towards the Origin of mankind. It’s based on true events of Non-Resident Indian couple, nicknamed Tinu and Anjali (Tinanjali), who are on their journeys towards self-realization....Read More

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Tufano Ki Aur, the Song Journey

A destined journey of the famous motivational lyrics from a poem to a song (6:33) and becoming part of the film, TINANJALI, a song of life....Read More

Mezbahn Sphere of Life as Metaphor

“Mezbahn Sphere of Life,” a metaphor, is the evidence of a link between our five senses and our perceptions, emotions, and thoughts. It’s a bridge towards the greater understanding of Duality and Non-Duality, and The Hard Problem of Consciousness. Its understanding and awareness binds the ancient wisdom, and hitherto knowledge in Science, Philosophy, Religion, and Faith. Musical seminar connects people to become aware of their life journey towards ultimate truth and the union of body, mind, soul which is the ultimate goal of Yoga. So it can’t be simpler than “A.I.O.”.....Read More

Malaysia Premier Function 19th April 2019

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The movie released in Kuala Lumpur on 2nd May, 2019. For cinema listing Click Here